IHR CONSULTING was founded in 2003 with the sole purpose of becoming the leading ONE-STOP HUMAN RESOURCE CENTRE for Malaysian SME businesses.

Our years of experience in dealing with the Malaysian SMEs made us realize that the HR is the most neglected function within any small and medium sized businesses.

The creation of IHR CONSULTING was to fill this gap of enabling the Malaysian SMEs to learn, adopt and practice good human resource management so they could attract, develop and retain the most valued asset – their employees. If not managed right, as we all know the employees could end up being a big financial liability.

Based on our experience and understanding of their needs as we are also an SME, we designed a range of human resource services from payroll outsourcing, HR advisory, consultancy and training. In some cases we also customized and tailored made our service to suit our clients needs as we truly care about Malaysian SMEs.

Over the past 15 years, we have established ourselves our brand as a reputable HR service provider to more than 500 SMEs in Malaysia undertaking various HR related tasks i.e. payroll and statutory requirement, advising them on complex labor and industrial relations issues, professionalising their human resource related documentation and many others.


We aim to become the PREFERRED human resource partner of the small and medium size companies in Malaysia providing a one-stop human resource SOLUTION to enable them to professionalize their human resource practices through our service and support.

"Find the best people, Grow them the fastest you can, and keep them at the company."
LASZLO BOCK (Co-Founder & CEO of HUMU)


  • IHR was founded in 2003.
  • Manpower optimization for a publishing firm.
  • Rolled out a HR for Non HR program for major telecommunication firm.
  • Undertook a a HR audit and realignment project for large industrial ink company in 7 countries.
  • Started HR department for international pharma co.
  • Rolled out hr start up and payroll service to more than 70 companies.
  • Rolled out graduate employability scheme for Biotech Corp.
  • Managed the learning and development function for an international pharma co.
  • Undertook a hr transformation project for a large property development co.
  • Initiated the Art & Science education series.
  • Introduced the HR Insurance Scheme in Malaysia.
  • Bronze Medalist for Best Payroll Company.
  • Continued to roll out hr start up and payroll service to more than 100 companies.
  • Held the largest IR Convention in collaboration with MECA.
  • Implemented a VSS/MSS for a major oil and gas co.
  • Implemented retrenchment for telco engineering co.
  • Undertook HR Audit and Realignment project for a listed co.
  • Undertook a major HR Transformation and Manpower rightsizing exercise for large semi conductor.
  • Introduced an integrated payroll/hr advisory service and signed up a further 80 SME clientele.





  • Validate all payroll year to date information and data to be migrated.
  • Determine the information gaps and compile further information, if required.
  • Upload all employee information and year to date payroll data in IHR Flex HR System.
  • Validate and verify all the information and reports.
  • Scope out the standard and additional reports required by the Client.
  • Conduct a parallel payroll run & validate the reports & information against Client’s report.
  • Obtain final sign off from the Client.
  • Identify if IHR has to generate the EA forms for the following year submission.
  • Process monthly salaries.
  • Generate standard payroll reports such as summary of the income and deductions report.
  • Generate a detail breakdown of the income report.
  • Generate a detail breakdown of the deductions report.
  • Prepare all the auto debit remittance advice and download for salary payments.
  • Prepare the payroll financial report as required for the financial system.
  • Prepare all Statutory Reports for monthly submission to the statutory bodies.
  • Online Payments to all Statutory Bodies on behalf of the Client.
  • Preparation of the Year-End Borang EA and Borang E for Income Tax submission.
  • Provide latest updates on the statutory changes and implementation.
  • Assist for statutory registration for new set-up of company.

We identify “cause factors” through analysis of the current process, and customizes a solution to solve the problem. The FLEX HRIS/ESS tool and automation supports to improve business objectives and will aid in sound decision making in HR and related matter.


  • Online Helpdesk to provide human resource and employment law advisory services, via email and telephone; it is supported by a group of professional human resource practitioners with more than 50 years of sound human resource experience. A dedicated email for advisory will be provided to the client.
  • The HR and Employment Law advisory is further supported by our Industrial Relations and Employment Law Legal Practitioner with more than 20 years of experience in representing employers in Industrial Relations Court.
  • Access to a human resource portal with collation of articles, tips and frequently asked questions covering the latest HR developments and best practices aimed at providing insight to HR professionals.
  • Access to a complete range of human resource document templates e.g. employment contracts, employee handbooks, HR policies and procedures manual, disciplinary action letter etc., which could be downloaded and customized for internal needs.
  • Access to a series of job description database comprising a range of job descriptions and pertinent details in a multitude of industries, and covers various categories of positions and levels ranging from managerial to non-executives.


Over the last 15 years, these are our areas of specialisation in undertaking consulting projects for SMEs and also MNCs.

  • Written and drafted hundreds of employment contract and employee handbooks for various industries.
  • Written and drafted hundreds of Company HR Policies and Procedures for various industries and countries.
  • Undertaken hundreds of HR Audit and HR Improvement Projects for SMEs and MNCs.
  • Undertaken HR Harmonization projects after a merger and acquisition exercise in Malaysia and the region.
  • Undertaken HR Transformation Projects for local PLCs primarily in the Property Development Sector.
  • Undertaken various VSS and retrenchment execises as part of their rightsizing initiatives for various industries in Malaysia.
  • Developed and designed Performance Management System and reward mechanisms for multiple industries.

This service enables companies to outsource their entire HR function to i-HR Consulting and our highly experienced HR professionals with expertise in specific functional areas provide our clients with the following services:




Conduct a HR Documentation and practices audit.


Improvement Plan

Determine gaps if any and design an improvement plan.


Implementation HR

Guide and coach the client with the implementation ie. handbook, contracts and hr documentation.


Payroll Implementation

Undertake a parallel run to validate all information and followed by live run


Continuous Support of HR Advisory and Payroll

Provide continuous on-going support for payroll services and HR advisory matters to tackle and mitigate risk on any employment related matters.


  • 15 years in Malaysia providing HR and Payroll Services to SMEs and Start ups in Malaysia.
  • Bring a combined experience of over 80 years of experience from the Senior Management of the Company.
  • Consulted and advised clients on various HR matters and employment disputes and have maintained a win-win streak in mitigating and reducing financial risk to all our clients.
  • Exposure to providing consulting services to numerous large business entities both local and foreign.
  • Drafted and written more than a few hundred HR SOP and Handbooks ensuring full compliance to Malaysian HR Law & Practices.
  • Drafted and written thousands of hr related documentation i.e. showcause, warnings, charge sheets, termination letters, multiple types of contract to facilitate different employment types.
  • Achieved customers retention % of over 90 % and growing organically at a rate of 10 % a year.
  • Still serving customers from the time we started up in 2003.
  • Supported by very established and reputable legal firms on addressing complex IR and Labor issues.
  • We are committed to our customer’s needs and requirement.